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Arcachon :
« A small inner sea ” opening onto the Atlantic Ocean, backed by the pine forest.
This community possesses exceptional architecture, a lively town all year long and 7 km of beach… Nature lovers and those concerned about environmental protection, come, you will not be disappointed!

Camping bassin Arcachon
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The symbolic sites :

  • The Pilat dune with it’s volume of about 60 million m³ of sand, measuring around 500 m wide from east to west and 2.7 km in length from north to south. Its height is currently 109 meters above sea level. The highest in Europe, the Pilat dune owes its fame to its outstanding dimensions and the exceptional panoramic view it offers of the forest, Arguin’s Bench and the ocean. A real challenge to climb, admire the view offered by this natural monument in perpetual movement and enjoy sliding down it.
  • The islands and the peninsula : the Arguin’s Bench, Birds’s Island, Malprat’s Island or the peninsula of Cap Ferret are typical symbols of Arcachon’s Bay each retaining their own identity while offering a wide diversity of landscape. Various ecosystems, various local customs (oyster farming, fishing), natural landscapes here to amaze you. Having a walk on the Birds’s island, do not forget to stop to contemplate the famous huts built on stits (typical huts of the pond raised over the water thanks to pilotis) unique in France.
  • Arcachon’s Winter city : have a walk on more than 10 hectares of original sites villas of the XIXth and XXth. It is a real paradise of architecture and anecdotes to be discovered … This “city” differs by colors and its setting landscape.
  • Swamps and salty meadows: magnificent ecological, floral spaces and faunistiques living at the rate of tides. Discover some sites in whom develops a specific flora of cultural or environmental interest. Attend the migration, the wintering and the reproduction of many birds of wet zones.
  • The Teich Bird sanctuary situated in the heart of nature, between the delta of the river Leyre and the sea waters of the Bay of Arcachon, a domain solely dedicated to birds and birdwathcing. More than 313 species reside all year round and 80 of these species actually nest on site.
  • Cap Ferret’s Lighthouse : climb the 258 steps and enjoy the 360° magnificent panoramic view of the Pond and the Ocean, the Lighthouse offers a new interactive exhibition focused on the new technologies and the marine’s mapping : educational applications, movie projections in 3D, maps’s digitized …
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  • The oyster House : with its interactive scenography, its information accessible to the public, invites you to discover and understand the oyster farmers’ trade, the techniques of breeding in Arcachon Bay as well as the history of the oyster throughout the centuries. Complete your visit at Larros oyster-farming port and enjoy oyster- tasting.
  • The Port of Arcachon: go and see the only port in deep water of the Pond and the second marina of Atlantic Coast. Since 2007, he welcomes a quay heritage booked for the traditional boats of the Pond : pinnaces, wolves, old sailing ships …
  • The ebbing of the tide : accompany the oyster farmers and the fishermen at sea. Share their everyday life for half a day and experience the tide change with them. Plunge into the heart of an ancestral know-how for a truly authentic experience.